Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day to remember in your life

I have a family consisting of a brother and three sisters. My brother, whose name is Ahmed. My mother gave birth to Ahmed in the hospital. After two days of his birth, he got a high fever. My mother went to the doctor who did not have mercy on that child who was sick. After two days, the doctor gave him a wrong dose of a medicine. Since that day my mother did not leave the hospital. Sometimes he stopped by her mother and told her that it's okay . He knew he had sinned in giving him a wrong dose . Later on my mother went to specialist who said that the child will be faced with the inability to speak. That because the dose was much larger than the body .

My mother was not able to do anything except saying (Oh Lord, I ask you reply to the judiciary, but I ask you for mercy). Ahmed was normal, he was crying and laughing and had a smile and understood everything easily. When my sisters used to come Ahmed was filled with laughter and distracted attention from my mother anger and sadness. He was close to me. When he wanted to do something I understand easily, over time, arrived to the age of nine. Ahmed entered the kitchen when my mother was not there.

That day my mother she was putting hot water into the fire. He took the boiling water and poured it on his body. When I arrived from school, I found my brother in pain, his doctor the next day when I was sitting beside him, my brother died. After 11 years Ahmed passed away. It was a sad day for us. It was a tragedy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

abdalla ragab

Abdullah ragab was one of the most famous and popular Sudanese journalists. He was fluent in Arabic and English and his ability in these languages was so good that he could translate for one to the other very quickly.In1976 he became a translator for the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U).
Soon he became famous not only as translator but also as a journalist .his work was so good that many for foreign news papers and magazine recognized him as will _in for med and talented correspondent. He published his own news paper 'ALSARAHA' which was sold all offer the country .his articles were not only informative but also entertaing .
Abdullah ragap, then was every famous and successful man .It many surprise you to know, there is for, that he never had any formal education .He was self –taught! He succeeded because he had strong will and desire to gin be him safe the know wedge and skills he needed.
Before he died he wrote done on all his experiences in a book which is a called ' The Diary of an Ordinary Man '('Muthakirat Aghbash').

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How I my use mobile

Mobile is a sophisticated method of communication used to communicate with remote areas. WeI use it to listen to music and playing games. Mobile is very importan thing for my social and personal life. I bought my mobile befor two years. It's by ZAIN chip.

How I use Internet

The Internet is also called the Web. I use it to exchange information and to exchange data between me and the my friends. There are many benefits for the Internet. I use it to get into the chat rooms with my friends, email and talk with Alasedkatsaad. Also I use it to get information for my research and other topics in my university.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

About me

My name is Nehal Mahamoud. Ilive in Bahary. I love watching TV. I like being here with this group with my friends.